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Molnár-Institute for applied chromatography focuses on new strategies for improving the efficiency and success of modern high performance liquid chromatography through our method development software DryLab, HPLC and software training courses, and HPLC consulting.

Founded in 1981 and located in the heart of Berlin, Germany, Molnár-Institute supports ongoing research and development at universities and corporations worldwide. Our team of chromatography specialists, led by Dr. Imre Molnár, is devoted to improving global health care and to ensuring the development of safe and effective products in the pharmaceutical, life-science, and food industries.

DryLab, our state-of-the-art software suite, supports analytical scientists in method development, optimization, trouble shooting, robustness testing, and training. Using real data from a minimal number of experimental runs, DryLab builds multi-dimensional selectivity maps depicting the interaction of the most important parameters influencing an HPLC separation. Our systematic, guided method development process reduces development time by over 50%, helps users optimize parameters based on their specific method goals, and enables easy compliance with regulatory standards (QbD), all while minimizing expensive trial-and-error approaches to method refinement. 

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Dr. Imre Molnár

Dr. Imre Molnár

Dr. Imre Molnár

Imre Molnár, President of Molnár-Institute, has more than 35 years of experience in the field of HPLC.  He specializes in pharmaceutical research and analysis and works with industrial and academic groups on research topics in pharmaceutical and biopolymer analysis.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Dr. Imre Molnár studied at the University of Saarbrücken, which at the time was a "Special Research Center for Analytical Chemistry" in Germany.  He received his PhD in 1975 with a thesis study on a separation technique for instable non-metallic compounds and spent the following two years as a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Bioengineering at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, studying with Csaba Horváth, a pioneer in the technique of "High Pressure Liquid Chromatography" (HPLC).  From this collaboration, eleven papers were published, the three most import of which describe the fundamentals of "Reversed-Phase Chromatography" (RPC) — in particular, the much-cited Theory of Solvophobic Interactions.

Following his post-doctorate, Dr. Imre Molnár returned to Europe to work on the development of HPLC instrumentation, founding the Institute for Applied Chromatography in Berlin in 1981. During that time, he also started teaching Reversed-Phase Chromatography both at Free University of Berlin and at pharmaceutical companies throughout Europe. 

In 1984, Dr. Imre Molnár began working with Lloyd R. Snyder, John W. Dolan, and Tom Jupille of LC Resources Inc. (Walnut Creek, CA, USA) on the development of DryLab, which is now widely used in both the pharmaceutical industry and the life science community. There are more than 180 scientific papers published on applications of DryLab, which is a software tool for modeling complex separation processes in (U)HPLC, enabling the user to minimize the number of experiments required to develop an optimized method.

In 2006 the Molnár Institute obtained full rights to DryLab and has continued its development, adding peak matching capabilities, multiple parameter optimization (3D resolution maps), robustness testing features, and GMP-complient method reporting.

Team Leads

Dr. Imre Molnár, President

Dr. Imre Molnár has a distinguished background in the study, research, and application of HPLC and in the development of DryLab.


Benjamin MoInár, Software Development & IT Administration

Ben holds degrees in Business Administration and Informatics, equipping him with a unique blend of understanding in both organisational structures and technology. He tailors our software solutions to complex network architectures and is key in managing our systems to align perfectly with individual customer needs, ensuring effective communication with the industry's IT departments.


Dr. Hans-Jürgen Rieger, Vice President Product Management

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Rieger has been working with Molnár-Institute since 1999 as a chemist specializing in software programming. He also teaches DryLab courses world-wide.


Magdalena Marinski, Marketing and Account Manager

Magdalena Marinski holds a Master degree in Marketing and communications and has over 6 years extensive marketing experience in international companies.